Awesome Salads

Believe it or not, I don’t sit on my bum blogging ALL day.

(Ya-huh, I hear you say… if you did, you’d be better at it, you schmuck!)

Like, Tuesday. Tuesday was one of my better days, pathetic blog post notwithstanding.

I got up at 5:30am. I did the usual dressing thing, wandered off to the shops, and bought a whole heap of stuff for Melbourne Cup Day lunch at work. No one cared that much about the race, but free food and champers/appletizer? W000000000t! Go horsey!

Oh yeah. Focus. Lunch. I was in charge of salads.

Because I’d been in Sydney the day before, I had nothing pre-made. No worries, I thought – I’ll buy easy-prepare stuff and impress everyone as I dice, slice and swear at the speed of sound in the office kitchenette. And surprisingly enough… I impressed!! Woohoo! People loved the salads. More than the chicken. BAHAHAHAHA MY EVIL VEGO PLAN IS WORKING!

Ummm… damn, I’m losing focus again.

RECIPES. Yeah. Right.

Here are the two favourites – the other two were fairly boring potato salad and garden salad. But these are a little different, and very very tasty… yum yum yum. So if you’re looking for something nice and easy, but tasty – give them a try!

Rice Salad

1 tsp tumeric
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp chili flakes (or about 1/2 small chili, chopped finely)
1 tsp stock powder (I use Massel Gourmet vegie)
1 can chickpeas
1 tomato
1 small cucumber
1/4 small pineapple
dash of olive oil
1/2 lime


Cook the rice with the stock and spices (should turn a nice yellow). Once cooked, cool.
Dice the tomato, cucumber and pineapple.
Open the tin of chickpeas and rinse them thoroughly.
Add tomato, cucumber, pineapple and chickpeas to the cooked, cooled rice.
Drizzle oil and squeeze lime over top and mix thoroughly.
Cover and stick in fridge til party time.

Mushroom, Chickpea and Cashew Salad

Tin of chickpeas
Raw, unsalted cashews
Soy sauce

Wash, peel and quarter mushrooms. I take the stalks out if they’re large, too.
Open the tin of chickpeas and rinse them thoroughly.
Stick mushrooms, chickpeas and cashews in a bowl.
Add coriander and a few dashes of soy sauce and mix quickly (otherwise some mushies soak up lots of soy sauce and others none).
Taste – you may need to add more soy sauce.

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2 Responses

  1. They sound scrumptious!
    Ta for sharing, when do we get the free taste sample? 😛

  2. Might have to try them

    Thanks luv

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