Musical Monday

Let’s go back.

RIGHT back.

Back to these days…

Wham – Wake Me Up Before You GoGo

I LOVE this clip. It’s my quintessential 80s music clip. And dear God, George Michael WAS a spunk! I’m drooolin’… no wonder so many women were crushed when they found out he wasn’t interested.

PS. Check out the little shorts!! When are THEY coming back in for men?

PPS. Can anyone remember the name of the man who used to prance around an aerobics show in a pair of excessively tight ‘aussie flag’ shorts, in the 80s/early 90s??

PPPS. In case you’re not yet traumatised…

Wake Me Up Before You GoGo – REMAKE


6 Responses

  1. I was totally in love with George Michael in my early teens. And I LOVE that song too!!! 🙂

  2. I can’t say I was in love with George Michael as such – but man if you weren’t around when WHAM brought such lovely shades of pink and yellow into the world – well – you just… um – errr… weren’t there?!


    That was bloody funny – how much time must THAT bloke have on his hands eh – very clever too! 😉

  3. it’s a great song. ranks right up there with “I’m walking on sunshine” as one of the best upbeat numbers of the 80s. and hot damn, that george michael can dance!

  4. Lightening – I kinda missed the whole 80s scene. I blame a deprived country childhood 😀 On the bright side, I can look back on it with nostalgia because there aren’t too many embarrassing photos…

    Belongum – Ya know, I miss the days when men were allowed to wear tight shorts and dance around singing cheesy songs without everyone assuming they were gay. Straight men are so boring these days… at least in my neck of the woods! 🙂

    Dok – I LOVE walking on sunshine. Best song ever. Although a bit whiny, if you listen too hard to the lyrics, which I try really hard never to do.

  5. I was just eyeing off my nieces white with neon pink words on it t-shirt the other day and feeling a little nostalgic….. lol

  6. well, there’s your problem right there. never, ever listen to the lyrics of an 80s pop tune. They’re horribly depressing, whiny, depraved, or disturbing. this was, after all, the decade that crowned Michael Jackson its King of Pop.

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