Wednesday Wisdom

I was worried about how many cups of coffee I was consuming each day…

So I bought a bigger cup.

Now I’m not worried at all!


7 Responses

  1. Swoon, I love you.

  2. hehehe

    good job

    I guess the same principle would apply to alcohol……………..

    *goes looking for a bigger glass*

  3. Lurve the smell of coffee…move your cup a little closer, Fluffy Butt 😛

  4. I love this!!! I can definitely relate 🙂

  5. i wasn’t getting enough caffeine from my coffee, so i supplement with caffenated lozenges and candies.

  6. Bahahaha !!! Naughty Fluffy Butt.

  7. He he he.

    MPS calls my coffee cup of choice my ‘bucket’ it hold 2 cups worth of coffee…

    And I have 4 a day. Espresso.

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