How To: Make a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page allows fans of your product, website, blog or business to receive important updates, talk to other fans and communicate with you – all via their familiar Facebook interface. If they have one, obviously!


  1. Find a graphic you’d like to use on the page. Irritatingly, the ‘thumbnail’ option for pages just takes a small piece of the large graphic – you can choose which bit, but not a zoom option. So, if the graphic has a small icon on it, so much the better!
  2. Go to
  3. Select a Category (website is under Brand or Product) and click on Create Page
  4. Once your page is created, you can modify graphics and information presented on the page, and add or remove Facebook Applications. NOTE: Not all applications work on pages. Blog RSS Feed Reader is one that does, however.

Want to see one in action?

Visit Nomesque Fiction’s page on Facebook


2 Responses

  1. I have Facbook.

    Will try this.

  2. nice tropic i like it,i need more information about how to make more and more fans in facebook??/

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