I Hate to be a Critic…

But man, I bought a Cosmo for the first time in years (I was sick, thought it might amuse but not strain my brain). And they’ve got a sex blogger. Holy crap. This person gets PAID for blogging in a mag? And blogging in a mag? What the HELL??


(and the quality of the above post is about the same as the sex blogger)

(maybe I should talk about sex more)


7 Responses

  1. Wired Magazine had a sex-blogger on their website until a year or two ago. “Sex Blogger” is, it turns out, some sort of sad euphemism for Advice Columnist Who Moonlights As A Sex Toy Reviewer, because, as it turns out, people don’t really care about other people’s sex lives – they want either help with their own sex-life or pornography.

  2. Sick? Damn woman, you lost your mind! Cosmo makes my teeth ache.

  3. Get a budgie.
    Cosmo is good for the bottom of its cage 😉

  4. Can’t remember the last time I read one.

    Just bought a New Idea for the first time in yonks for a specific article. Waste of flippin money.

  5. And just a few key sex terms really does wonders for search hits.

  6. People, first I’d like to point out that Dok has decided to do some sex blogging of his own. Worth a look! *snicker*

    Anja/Jayne – Pfffffffft!!! 😀

    WS – I think the Cosmo’s a better read. And that’s saying something 😉

    Evyl – too true! I can’t help but laugh at the imagined disappointment on the faces of people searching for p0rn and curses to make people pregnant (yeah, really) who find my fiction instead… bahahah!

  7. Yet for some reason that crap sells…sigh

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