How To: Create an Animated GIF

Step 1: Get hold of a decent graphics program. I’ll use GIMP for this tutorial, so if you’re planning to follow this step by step, download GIMP (this link is for the latest Windows version).

Step 2: Open (in GIMP) one of the images you want to put into the animated GIF. For this tutorial, I’ll be using some blog bling given to me months ago.


Note the little LAYERS window on the right side. That’s very important. If you can’t see it in your copy of GIMP, press CTRL-L.

Step 3: In the image’s window, click on File -> Open as Layers…


Select the images you want to add, and click on Open.

Your GIMP windows should now look something like this:


Step 4: If some of your images were larger than the original one you opened, you’ll need to click on Image -> Fit Canvas to Layers.


Believe it or not, the work’s almost done.

Step 5: In the image window, click File -> Save As…


Type in a name for the animated gif, followed by ‘.gif’


Click on Save.

In the Export File window that pops up, select Save as Animation and click on Export.


In the Save As GIF window that pops up (yes, pop ups ad nauseum), tick Loop forever and enter a large number – at least 1000 – in the Delay between frames text box.


Click on Save.

TA DA!!!


9 Responses

  1. You are a STAR Naomi! These are some of what I’ve been looking for – but (surprisingly) I’m struggling finding something like THIS – something I can understand! Woohooh!!! Cheers Mate 😉

  2. Belongum – I’m glad it’s useful! Being a tech writer comes in handy at times 😉

  3. Love you Noms!!

    Shall have a fiddle with trying this out soon!!

  4. Love it.

    Thank you.

    And a blog space saver……

  5. I ca only echo – You are a STAR Naomi! – yes it is something I can understand too.

  6. I ca only echo – You are a STAR Naomi! – yes it is something I can understand too.

  7. This is much easier than the method I knew in photoshop…Thanks

  8. W00t! I’m very happy to hear that it’s useful 🙂

  9. […] to let you all have a litte something something right now, take a look at this tutorial. It’ll surely help all you people that have too many blog blings to shake a stick […]

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