Musical Monday

You’re probably aware that it’s almost Christmas.

Especially if you don’t CARE.

Carols and pop tunes about snow blaring at you if you dare seek food or shelter.

So this Musical Monday is dedicated to the HORRIBLE, SHITTY christmas songs that I hate. Because they’ve been following me around lately, and I like to share my pain.

And just for Anja –

For some reason, I HATE HATE HATE that song.

There, are you feeling all Christmasy now? 😀


9 Responses

  1. Oh thank you, dear one. *finds the axe and ponders*

  2. *puts her boots on, grabs the axe off Anja and hides it*

    damn woman!

    Is this death by bad christmas tunes day?

  3. Annoying the internets with crismess music – yer doin it rong.

    you need to make it a flash thing that automatically starts playing whenever someone visits the page, with no volume controls. As it stands now, I can just choose not to play those videos. I have gotten very good at avoiding the horrible jinglie-bell songs this year. got some big studio-monitor type headphones that cover half my head, play some Cannibal Corpse over those at a loud enough volume, and the rest of the world is incapable of reaching my ears.

    I do this any time I enter a store, and it is making this year the best holiday season I’ve had in a very long time.

  4. Amy Grant is the anti-christ.

  5. Bahahahahahahahahaha.

    Nomes has a death wish me thinks.

    **Jumps on the tall, dark, frosty one and ensures she doesn’t see where the Mistress has hidden the axe**

    I have a Christmas CD that would rock your world.

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  7. Oh, that was horrible! LOL.

  8. Anja – you’re VERY welcome. Anything to bring a little christmas spirit (angsty and murderous, judging from a lot of family gatherings I’ve heard about) to your life 😉

    B – Yes.

    Dok – tempted I was. But somewhere deep down I’m too tenderhearted.

    Evyl – possibly LOL

    WS – and you think I’M cruel! 😀

    Lynn – thanks! 😀

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