Musical Monday

Having punished you last Monday with my least favourite Christmas pop tunes, I thought I should make it up by sharing some of my favourites.

Now before I do, let me explain that I have a fascination with music+movement that far exceeds most people’s. I LOVE great choreography, hence Fifth Element is my all-time favourite movie (did that seem random? Nevermind).

First favourite – A vid I found years ago, and an effort which has been replicated around the world. But this is still my favourite. And it introduced me to a new love (no, not Achmed!) – Trans Siberian Orchestra. The backing music is their Wizards of Winter. Yes, yes, horrible waste of electricity. So is lighting up the casino. Whatever.

Christmas Lights in Ohio

Now these guys aren’t strictly Christmasy, but I always associate them with Christmas anyway, because they used to play in the Queen St Mall here in Brissy at Christmas – before they got famous. They had me watching with mouth hanging open in awe every single time – I mean, playing the viola while doing somersaults? And no, they’re not just miming. ‘Cos one night the guitar bit suddenly stopped dead – the guitarist was dumped on his head a little too hard 😀

Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra

You know, I can’t find any other favourites on YouTube. So I hope you enjoyed the above, just a little bit 😉

One Response

  1. I like the upper one, the music is great and get the whole funky thing going. I sure wish my house could get that kind of attention, then it’ll be the front page for sure! ha..

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