Year’s End

In my life, every year seems to have a different theme. At least, every year since I could grasp the concept of a year having a theme. Sometimes it has been suffering, or joy, or learning patience…

This year’s theme seems to have been moderation. Moderation in effort, so that I could learn to balance out some of the energy lows I’ve suffered for years.

Moderation in relationships, because ever since getting married, I’ve been working on self-control in order to avoid making hubby’s life hell – all well and good, but I ended up stifling my real self with TOO much control.

Moderation in housework, to find a point at which the house might look messy, but would be clean enough to not spawn major outbreaks of gastro.

Moderation at work, so I don’t commit to too much and end up majorly stressed.

Moderation in blogging, carefully prioritising blogs and posts, and knowing when to let it all go, and when to rustle up a smidge of energy to write a 2-line post telling people I couldn’t be fagged writing a proper one. As an aside, a recent saviour in this area was a surprise request from Brian, asking if I’d like to post some fiction he’d written. This came just before a ridiculously busy time at work, and he saved me many guilt-pangs by providing great-quality stories for my readers every Friday without fail. Phew.

So, moderation. It’s been very useful. All lessons I desperately needed to learn. Regardless – I hate to sound whiny, but I’d like next year to be about fun and a bit of luxury. Cos I could do with it after these years of yawniness!!


3 Responses

  1. lol.

    Fun and luxury sound good to me.

    Mine was ‘new’

    Happy New Year Nomes. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Yep moderation is an important skill to have.

    I seem to go all out or not at all and struggle with the whole moderation thing.

  3. Ahh, moderation; that thing between stop and go 😉
    Have a happy NY 😀

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