You Confuse!

So it was christmas last night.

Twinkly lights, shiny tablecloth, ridiculous amounts of unhealthy-but-oh-so-delicious food, presents, tree… the works. Yeah, I know it’s January. But that’s why we have 12 days of christmas, right? So the ‘slow’ people can catch up? 😀

Actually, it wasn’t so much a catch-up as a re-do. Bogan Boy (my first born – 12yo) is in town, and as per tradition, we held a 2nd christmas in his honour. He does pretty well out of this sort of thing, you know. Two birthdays (at least), two christmases, two easters… and far too much chocolate. Poor kid’s gonna discover pimples in the next couple of years. Unless he’s inherited my uber-gorgeous-skin genes. And if he has, at least he won’t need to worry about the ‘hairy chin’ gene that my wonderful father passed down to me. Bastard.

Merry Christmas, all!


4 Responses

  1. What fun, an excuse to do the whole thing over again!
    I feel that the day is a big let down as it passes too quickly in comparison to the build up and preparation beforehand; so repeating it a week later should be passed into legislation 😉

  2. It was pretty fun 🙂 Especially since I had NO energy leading up to xmas and new year – had a bit more for second xmas!

  3. You call the poor kid ‘bogan boy’ ?

    Is he bogan by location or a natural born bogan?

    Hmm, a study on BOGAN: nature or nurture could be interesting.

  4. Location and birth, Anja. Scary but true. And now his mum lives in Ipswich. What hope does he HAVE? 😀

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