It’s the Eyebrows

I swear the guy in the sandwich shop thinks I have a huge crush on him. He seems to draw himself up a little straighter and swagger when I enter.

And he’s got some reason for his theory. Every time I see him, I break out into a huge grin. Wanna know why?

He’s got Luke Perry eyebrows. And for that matter, looks like Luke Perry’s lovechild. Oops, I mean grandchild, cos Lukie-baby is OLD these days. And for some reason, that just makes me laugh. Every time I see him. Except that I very carefully suppress the giggles into a grin. Best I can do.

Meanwhile, some dude who looks like Luke Perry is getting a huge ego boost, when in fact I’m trying not to laugh at him.

Life is funny.


5 Responses

  1. Keep smiling. Hopefully he will make you better sandwiches that way.

  2. god damn it so when you were smiling at me and teasing me when we lived together it was because u thought i was funny looking…and here i thought it was cause u liked me….

    oh well memories 🙂

  3. One day he’ll ask and you better have a good answer ready LOL.

  4. Evyl – he DOES add extra toppings… 😉

    Kamu – Funny-LOOKING? How about just funny?

    Jayne – it’ll probably be the unvarnished truth. I’m um… ‘cute’ that way *snort*

  5. hahaha

    Enjoy the extra toppings while you can 😉

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