Stress does NOT do anything for me. Nothing good, I mean. I know there are stress junkies and adrenalin junkies galore out there, but they can go jump. Really. The point of adrenalin is to get the heart pumping faster, use up all the reserves and push the body past the point it thought it couldn’t go on.

Well yay. I do that every bloody day. And that’s why stress does nothing for me. It just fills me with panic because FFS – I’m already working at my peak!!


Yes. I am stressed. It’s work-related. Dumb-arses who think that christmas and school holidays make great unrealistic deadlines. By unrealistic, I mean the sort that you know are dumb, but hope to get people to meet anyway. Grrrrrr.


4 Responses

  1. Empty lift shaft with doors open, Fluffy-Butt, a la Matron Scott in The Young Doctors 😉

  2. Young Doctors? Damn, ’tis Google time again.

  3. ugh.

    Jayne’s idea sounds like a good one Fluffy-Butt 😉 lol

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