Huh? What’s Weird About That?

I bleached and dyed my hair on Monday night. The same colour I’d had in for a couple of weeks, only with most of the brown regrowth no longer showing and the old faded colours on top of which it had been applied – purple and red – stripped completely out.

So I’m wandering off to work at some ungodly hour, and noticing that people seem more than usually inclined to stare. And one bloke hung out a car window as it went past, whooping. That was in Ipswich, need I say? Anyhow, I did notice a lot of prolonged stares. I got to work, and got in the lift.

Mirrored walls. Bright lights.




My hair is neon.

Like, orange neon advertising in King’s Cross. That’s my hair colour.

I was planning on putting some red streaks through it, but this is so garishly, eye-bleedingly awesome that I can’t bring myself to mar it in any way.

Photos to come when I have:

a) Light
b) Time
c) Vaguely decent hairdo, as opposed to rat’s nest.


3 Responses

  1. It’s good, it’s different.

    I’m sure you would encourage bogans to hang out of car windows, anyway. You’re a “chick” (sorry ’bout that) and you don’t look like crap. There you go, bogan hotness.

  2. Neon hair? Sounds relatively normal for Ipswich 😉

  3. I’ve inadvertantly done that once

    Interesting, very interesting

    would love to see the pics 🙂

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