Musical Monday: Stalker Songs

I thought I’d do something a little different today.

A tribute.

To the scariest sort of love song…

The Stalker Song.


Or not.

Blondie – The Tide is High

Damn, this is scary! *shudder*

Blondie – One Way Or Another

What IS it with Debbie Harry? 😀

But I couldn’t deal with another dodgy clip, so I found the muppets version…

Police – Every Breath You Take

I love this song… except for the lyrics *shudder*

Naked Eyes – Always Something There To Remind Me

GAH – I actually find this one scariest, for some reason. Probably the guy singing. And the ‘it’s not MY fault’ attitude…


5 Responses

  1. *shudders* I once received a call with “Every breath you take” playing over the line. Scared the wossname out of me.

  2. Bloody hell, Anja, that’d freak me out too… Grrrrrr!

  3. Blondie – One Way Or Another: Totaly the best song evah.

  4. I likes the blondie song

    like the muppet clip even better 😉 lol

  5. I like your Muppet song.

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