Musical Monday – Cricketing Songs

I hate cricket.

Well, not hate it.

I give it lots of elbow room, and I expect the same. In other words, I’m happy to flick over and see the scores during ad breaks. Even watch a few minutes before finding more exciting ways to melt my brain into mush.


It has given us some beaut songs.

Howzat! – Sherbert

Dreadlock Holiday – 10CC

And specially for those feeling nostalgic…

C’mon Aussie C’mon


4 Responses

  1. Sherbet are um… hirsute. Catchy song.

    I love 10cc. 🙂

    Good grief, was the last one the start of pajama cricket? Attractive lads, not.

  2. Daryl Braithwaite looks different, doesn’t he? 😀

    10CC – who doesn’t love a handlebar mo? *snicker*

    Mmm… on the bright side, another option for the same song featured Max Whatsisname… EEEEK!

  3. Max “Tangles” Walker?
    ‘aveawgoodweekend Mr Walker 😛

    Loved the trip down memory lane 😉

  4. Now I am going to be singing ‘Come on Aussie’ all day.

    One of those catchy numbers.

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