And I Just Clicked

My mother always used to claim, in her more humorous moments, that she was Martian by birth. Strangely, I never did find that too hard to believe. She’s quirky, off-beat, and she has this weird finger that doesn’t match any of her others. Weird. And looking at photos of her as a kid – CRIPES did she have a huge head. Very Martian-esque.

(and once again, we test whether my mother reads my blog… if I come back, she doesn’t)

So anyway, that makes me half-Martian, half-German.

Logical, huh?

So I was looking at the searches that people do to find Nomesque Fiction, and one of them was ‘what is the chance of me seeing an alien’. I read this out to hubby, and he said, “Ha! Tell ’em you’re married to one!”

And it clicked.

This is why my marriage is so odd. Because men are from Mars, and women are from Venus… except I’m a half-Martian married to what’s probably a male Venutian.


3 Responses

  1. You’ve got a groovy kind of love.

  2. Just so long as he gives you flowers and chocolates before he offers to “probe” you 😛

  3. flowers and chocolats before probing………. yup, that’s a groovy kinda martian love alright!! lol

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