Coffee Helps Me Sleep?

It’s not what you think.

I’m not one of those weird-arse people who fall asleep after drinking coffee. Nope. Nevertheless, I’m sitting up in bed at 1:30am, sipping a cup of coffee, and hoping it helps me get to sleep.

See, I have a cough/cold combo atm that’s caused me some pain. Sore throat, snot galore, the works. But because my lungs aren’t in fantastic shape at the best of times, it seems they have to chuck a hissy fit whenever some sickness affects them. Which means an asthma-y type airway constriction that apparently probably isn’t asthma. Nevertheless, it responds to an old-fashioned asthma ‘remedy’ (for God’s sake, people, do NOT try this at home and then sue me when you die!). Coffee. Apparently it relaxes airway muscles quite well. So I tried it, earlier, and lo and behold, it worked. And once the wakey-wakey effect wore off, I headed to bed. Only to discover (well DUH) that the constricted-airway-thing was back and I couldn’t sleep cause I couldn’t breathe properly.

There. Does that explain why I’m sitting in bed drinking a stimulant, hoping it’ll send me to sleep? If it doesn’t work, I may well be blogging about how my work fired me after I called in sick 3 days in a row, despite being well enough to blog…

8 Responses

  1. I heartily recommend coffee for everything – coughs, colds, sore holes. 😉

  2. How about the old head over a basin of hot water with a towel over your head, making a mini-steam bath for your airways?
    With or without the coffee and 2 sugars in the hot water 😛

  3. you have my sympathies……. I have this sinus drip thing going at night which sees me coughing till I want to puke and needing puffers which is just ridiculous to be having bronchial asthma symptoms in this damn HEAT!

  4. I feel for you Nomes. Can you sleep upright?

  5. I am exactly the same!

    I have found that hot chocolate is better though. Those hi-lites ones are good.

    Apparently chocolate is good for sore throats too, so bonus!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you! I am sitting here with a swollen throat and incessant coughing fits….coffee will be my ally tonight!

    Love ya work Nomes.

  7. How are you feeling today ?

  8. Anja – you do coffee enemas!? 😮

    Jayne – I find those things work great if I’m having trouble getting mucous out… if mucous is already flowing, it doesn’t seem to help any.

    B – OW OW OW. That sounds such a pain. You still on it?

    WS – nup, I couldn’t. Couldn’t breathe upright or prone or supine… (ooooh i knew I’d have a use for those words someday!). I’m feeling much better now, thanks. MWAH

    Kel – Chocolate, huh? Hmmmm…

    Lamb chop – How’d it go, luv?

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