(I love that word)

Bubba Boy was sick. Right in the middle of an oh-my-god-gotta-get-this-out-the-door project release at work. GAH. Talk about stress.

Then I got sick.

Then Bubba Boy got sick again – and this time we got a little worried and took him off to the doctor and found out it was…


Holy crap.

I was brought up on books written in the 18th-19th centuries, so that word sends shudders up and down my spine. Despite the fact that it’s very rarely fatal or even overly serious these days.

For those not up on childhood diseases, croup is a slightly weird case. It’s not something that can be vaccinated against (yet) because it can be caused by a number of different viruses. If said virus gets busy in the wrong place – in the tubes leading to the lungs – you get a dry, hacking, seal-like cough that just goes on and on, as the virus irritates the tissue and the lungs respond by trying to blow it the hell away (yippee ki-yay, MF). Happily, the night before we took him to the doctor was the worst of it, and he’s been on the mend ever since. Although last night was the first that he actually slept THROUGH for a while. I think. Maybe I was just so tired I slept through his wailing. Don’t worry, it’s not as horrible as it sounds – I was only on backup wakerupper duty.

So, yeah. I’ve been staggering about bleary-eyed for a couple of weeks, and honestly, not been hugely interested in blogging about the amount and colour of snot coming out of my nose, or the earth-shattering decisions between sleeping under my desk and imbibing more coffee. Did I do wrong? Did you WANT to know about my snot? Bad bloody luck, weirdo.

Anyway, I’m back. Yay me, right? *snicker*

5 Responses

  1. Oh, croup sucks 😦

  2. Oh hon – are you all right? Sounds like an awful couple of weeks (((hug))). Hope bubba boy and yourself are recovering okay… 😦

  3. croup is freakin scary.

    Even knowing that it’s not that serious an illness these days, it is still damn scary to have to listen to and deal with.

    Hope you are all much, much better soon

  4. Yeah, I wanna know about your snot and what’s with calling me weirdo now ? 😛
    Hope you’re all recovering nicely and getting all the sleep you need to get back into blogging shape 😉

  5. {{{HUGS}}} Both of my boys have struggled with croup. The youngest still gets it (he’s 5) but it’s not quite so scary now that he’s a little bigger.

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