Election Goes ‘Tweet’

The local Twitter crowd have been going nuts over grilled cheese sangers lately. Bunch of weirdoes. Not being a fan of the much-lauded snack, I was feeling slightly left out until I hit upon a cunning plan.

Why grill sandwiches when you can grill politicians?


My new hobby is tweeting key Queensland politicians who (probably much to their regret, right about now) decided to use Twitter to augment their campaign. Oh yeah, Queensland is holding a rush election because we need ‘economic certainty’. Sorry. After living in this state for 10 years I sometimes succumb to the local delusion that WE ARE THE WORLD. Kinda like The Beach but less organised, and with Joe Bjelke-Petersen playing the part of Donald Duck.

Anyway, I’ve been having some grilling fun but – when I sit down and look right at it – not really getting many useful answers. Except, of course, the distinct feeling that neither major camp really knows what the hell it’s doing. Umm, great. Another sterling example of Queensland politics! I bet Pauline Hanson finishes up our premier by default.

I have had one minor success, though. I give myself credit for firing so many questions at Lawrence Springborg that he got off his arse and started actually tweeting about election-related stuff (except as it turned out, I got the wrong Borg off his or her arse. Dammitall!). Why the hell he doesn’t interact directly with Anna Bligh I don’t know. I’d LOVE to see a twitter-electoral-campaign-war.

If you’re curious about what the hell is going on in the twitter world re: the Queensland elections, check out tweets marked as election-related and my twitter feed (because I stuffed up and tagged with #qldelection instead of #qldelection09).

So far, the main (real) tweeting candidates are:

Anna Bligh (clearly written by an office lackey or three, btw)
Lawrence Springborg (I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the man himself!)
QLD Greens (I only just discovered this one, so don’t assume I’m biased because I haven’t picked on them yet)

Edited to Add – More Tweeting Candidates!

Philip Machanik (Greens)
Darryl Rosin (Greens)

Noticing a trend here?

Edited Again to Add – More Tweeting Parties!

Daylight Savings for South East Queensland

Edited YET AGAIN to…

… fix up Springborg’s link. I’ve been following an impostor! An extremely boring impostor!! Umm, geez, if you’re going to impersonate the guy… oh wait. Boring does kinda work with his image. If you’re wondering how I decided that @therealborg is, in fact, the real Borg (which frankly, I was highly sus about) – I went to his website. Then I clicked on his Facebook link. Then I looked at his profile, and found his Twitter link. So, his Facebook profile might have been hacked, sure. I’m not sure I care anymore.


4 Responses

  1. nomesque, @springborg is not the man himelf this is twitter.com/therealborg

  2. Thanks Stevo. Checked and amended.

  3. that really is a cunning plan!

    And who is calling who a weirdo Fluffy Butt?

  4. *snicker*

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