QLD Election Tweets – Summary and N00bie Tips

I’ve been very disappointed at the current level of tech-savvy and new-media-savvy shown by Queensland pollies on Twitter. While it’s nice to see them making the effort, it would be even nicer to see them making a REAL effort. It’s tempting me to make all sorts of anti-queensland comments. And I promised myself I wouldn’t be nasty too often.

Here’s a summary of the ‘action’ so far:

Anna Bligh: Promo promos, policy updates, very occasional replies to policy-related questions. As has been pointed out by others (and me, a few times), this is obviously manned by someone in her office. Kudos for having the tech-savvy to set it up, gal, but thumbs-down for coming nowhere near making it work for you.

Lawrence Springborg: Confused silence, and very occasional replies to policy-related questions. Seems to me this may be the man himself. Sadly, he’s in desperate need of a crash course in how to use the bloody thing. And dude! Link from your website to your twitter ID, so people know which borg is the ****ing real one! Duh?

QLD Greens: They arrived late on the scene, but they brought a clue. Oh, the joy of seeing someone know what they’re doing! Tagging and retweeting like pros. I’m still waiting to see how interactive they’ll be, though.

Daylight Savings for SEQ: Occasional campaign updates. Minimal interaction. Maybe they figure that the party name says it all, what else is there to do? Which would beg the question, WTF are they bothering with Twitter, then??

I realise I’ve been very critical with these guys and gals. But hey, I’ve been on Twitter for a whole two weeks. It didn’t take me long to work out a) how it works and b) how to utilise it to my best advantage. So, tweeting-newbie-pollies, let me give you some tips.

Get a Following

Dammit, you’re in a fantastic position. People will WANT to follow you if they know you’re tweeting, and that you’ll be vaguely interesting. Do you have ANY IDEA of the number of Queenslanders on twitter? Search on terms like ‘qldelection09’ and follow people who are tweeting about it. They’ll spread the word FOR you.

Personal Details

People are softies at heart. The best way to keep people interested in YOU is to throw in some personal details. It doesn’t have to be much. Favourite brand of coffee. You love your wife, and she made you waffles. Your youngest child just called you mummy for the first time. Cute lil glimpses into your ‘private’ life. People love to feel privileged enough to see into the lives of celebs. And that’s what you are right now, if localised and temporary.

Be Available!

Not 24/7, dear God no. But how about this: “Anna online 5-6pm tomorrow to answer all your tweets about her education policy!” Or a daily sweep of election-related chatter to check for convos you can weigh in on. Don’t tell me you don’t have the time or typing skills. That’s what volunteers and lackeys are for!

Tag, Dammit!

Tag your tweets with ‘#qldelection09’ to make them easy to find.

Check Your Settings

As a political candidate, you (or someone in your office) need to be seeing every tweet addressed to you, whether or not you’re following the person in question. Check your twitter settings – replies viewed should be set to ALL @REPLIES.


6 Responses

  1. Ummm…Nomes, hate to point out the obvious but….that’s all commonsense stuff!
    How do you expect a politician to get their head around it?! 😛

  2. Jayne – I was hoping they’d just take my word for it… 😉

  3. Politicians, my sweet. ‘Nuff said.

  4. I’m with Jayne here. lol

  5. See here: springborg.com

    Lawrence Springborg must read your blog as has taken your advice! refreshing…

  6. Stevo – LOL. He must. No other possible explanation! 😉

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