Election Giggles

You wouldn’t think that the Queensland election would give people that much to laugh about, would you?

But first there was Warwick Capper, ‘planning’ to run against Pauline Hanson in Beaudesert:


Which was, I believe, just a marketing ploy by Zoo weekly. Hmmm… wonder how many men bought their latest edition hoping for (more) naked photos of Warwick?

Then there’s the Daylight Savings for South-East Queensland party. With their ‘hilarious’, ‘Chaser-like’ stunt – See here for the side-splittingly unfunny story. I’ve had a bit of a conversation with these guys – see what you think:

Nomesque: @ds4seq Have your candidates specified any other policies or interests they’d be supporting if voted in? #qldelection09

ds4seq: @Nomesque No, we only have one policy (introduction of DS into SEQ) and we intend to only comment on that issue! #qldelection09

Nomesque: @ds4seq Hmm… you expect ppl to care so much about DS that they won’t care what else ur candidates believe in?? #qldelection09

ds4seq: @Nomesque No. That’s the great thing about optional pref voting! Vote us 1 and vote 2 for whoever you want for other issues! #QldElection09

Nomesque: @ds4seq Pref voting theory works wonderfully if ur candidates don’t get in. Must presume u’re not planning to win seats? #qldelection09

ds4seq: @Nomesque What’s that old saying – nothing ventured, nothing gained!! Like your site btw – tnx for the tips. #qldelection09

Nomesque: @ds4seq Welcome. Glad they were useful! But hey, work on ur spiel a bit? ‘vote 4 us cos we won’t win’ isn’t good enuff. 😉 #qldelection09

*chuckle* OK, so I’m a bitch. But I think I’ve got a damn good point there. While I know that single-interest parties are far from rare, surely you’d have to be ridiculously single-minded to vote in someone knowing only one of their policies and beliefs. For all I know, my electorate’s candidate (if successful) could suddenly start campaigning for a huge dam to be built, drowning the entire electorate. Because hey, he doesn’t live there anyway! *snort*

Oh well. If nothing else, this whole circus is a great way to prove to everyone that while the weather may be ‘sunny one day, perfect the next’, there are lots of great reasons to stay the HELL away! 😉


6 Responses

  1. You promised me nudity and all I got was a wanker using a sign that is far too large to cover his inadequacies. *sobs*

  2. *shakes head*

    *burns out own eyes to get rid of nekkid capper image*

  3. **Whispers to Nomes** Don’t tell teh Coven, but I found him a widdle attractive……though his arms are a widdle skinny.

  4. […] 10, 2009 In one of the more amusing takes on the Queensland election so far, Nomesque Life not only took on the shenanigans in Beaudesert (warning: Warwick Capper photo is unlikely to be […]

    My eyes, my eyes!!!

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