Ipswich and Holes

Man, this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

A large black hole appeared in one of Ipswich’s most important intersections today.

Need I say more??

Link to news story


I can’t vouch for this information, because it’s third-hand and a little grubby, but it does make a lot of sense. Gotta love taxi drivers, they’re the tinkers (in news-spreading terms) of our modern world!

Apparently, there’s an evacuation? tunnel running from the hospital to the riverside. Was built – or renovated – around the time of the second world war. Hence the odd reference, in the news article, to a girder put it by American forces. And, for that matter, hence the collapse.


9 Responses

  1. nope. Nothing needs to be added to that at all


  2. ROFL

    Says it all really.

  3. I thought Ipswich was a ………. hmmmm a hole appearing in the middle of Ipswich – didn’t they have holes appear in other parts of Ipswich last year? I reckon (in my educamated opinonions :p) that it is all a conspiracy in fact the WHOLE of Ipswich is sinking!! RUN pple…. as you may be able to tell I am a little bit bored tonight, or the change of season has affected me, or the moon has affected me adversly or all of the above

    lub bec xxoo

  4. Thought of you immediately…and knew you’d be rolling with laughter 😛

  5. Whole of Ipswich sinking? Yup, can believe that.

    Jayne, hubby txted me the info a couple of hours after I blogged – I sent a reply:

    Ipswich a hole. Even God agrees.

    Umm, well, it made him laugh 😀

  6. Hang on!! A new theory has emerged….. from a very wise source close to the problem… apparently the “evacuation tunnel” is in actual fact years of tunneling by the Ipswich Boys Grammar Boarders to the Girls school on the other side of town….. this came from my Aunt, who is mother to two boys who went to the boarding school at Ipswich Grammar…. hehe

  7. Ipswich is a what? NO!!!!! *sniggers*

  8. I so nearly did my own post about this – somehow I resisted having a dig at Ipswich.

  9. Bec – AHA! It all makes sense… *lol*

    Anja – *snortle*

    Ian – I’m very impressed that you managed to refrain. Me? Oh well, self-control is a two-sided sword… 😉

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