In honour of Magneto Bold Too



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  1. Good grief, they are the ugliest things on earth.

  2. Heh! We have 2 pair in this house (we wear them when walking onthe reef). The dog ate the strap off the left blue one, and the right brown one. He hated them too.

  3. Bwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    That made my day.

    God I love you for this.


  4. Seeing you lived in Australia, I thought “Crocs” was “crocodiles”, before the photo appeared! In this part of the world, we have plenty of alligators–but they’re boring, since they’re quite docile, compared to crocodiles. Generally, humans are not on the alligators’ menu. But crocodiles, according to one source, kill 3,000 people a year, worldwide. Thus I am guiltily fascinated with them–much as people in other places might be, with the hurricanes here (I live in Northwest Florida).

    Anyway, I don’t understand why so many people find the Crocs so unattractive! I wear flip flops, because they’re more comfortable, for me. But I don’t find Crocs unattractive or attractive–they’re just shoes, for crying out loud! And if Crocs are comfortable, wear them!

    I’ve always despised fashion–it’s just shallow bullshit!
    It doesn’t matter what other people think of what I wear, only what I think! If it looks good, to me, and it’s comfortable, for me, I wear it!

    Last night, I went to JCPenney to get one or two T-shirts (I had a gift card from a previous Christmas with $21 on it). What I wanted was a Led Zeppelin and a Jimi Hendrix shirt, but none of the band shirts were large enough (I have to wear a “3XL”). Then I looked at the football shirts–specifically for the Florida Gators–same problem.

    So I had to settle for whatever I could find in the ironically-tiny “Big and Tall” section. And I finally made my selection. I got one with a logo of some resort in Hawaii that may or may not actually exist, primarily because the girl on the back looked hot! But the other I had to think about alot more. It was a shirt with the logo of a beautiful buck, with the crosshairs of a rifle-scope aimed at exactly the right spot on it’s body–and the words, “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. It was perfect–I probably would have gotten it even if I weren’t a deer hunter! Only thing was, I realized that alot of people (being opposed to hunting) would take offense at it. And I especially didn’t want to offend potential girlfriends. But then I thought, ‘To hell with them–if they’re not open-minded enough to agree to disagree, and accept me as I am, I want nothing to do with them anyway!’ And I bought both shirts–and they both look great on me, and feel very comfortable!

    That’s all that matters, not just with clothing but with everything else. Fuck fashion–every individual should wear only what he/she desires to wear!

  5. Yep, what Scott said!
    love the pic 😉

  6. Anja – yup, gotta agree with you there

    Rhubarb – LOL.

    Kelley – I’m glad you liked it 😀

    Scott – See, I thoroughly agree that people should wear what’s a) comfortable, b) expresses their OWN sense of fashion/self and c) looks good. In that order, too! But while I’ll never tackle someone to the ground, rip off their crocs and yell, “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!” or even laugh at them… I do think they’re bloody ugly AND bad for the feet. But I’ll try to do a crocodile post to make it up to you 😉

    Jayne & B – MWAH.

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