Offensive? FFS…

Actually, no. I can see why this might be offensive to some. Because it punched me in the guts when I saw a photo of it.

Wanna see what I’m rabbiting on about?

OK. Naked chick on a cross, looking very, very contented. Possibly because it makes her boobs look perky. And something about it just screams to me:

Well ain’t that the truth??

Maybe it’s the fact that after 2 decades, my feminist beliefs and my christian church involvement (note I didn’t say my christian beliefs) still tend to strike an uneasy co-existence that’s more of a ceasefire than a peace.

Maybe it’s the fact that I look around me and see the widespread belief – both in christian circles and outside them – that a woman’s life is largely out of her control, and that this is a reality she should be content with, because there’s not much point being discontent (nag, bitch, whiner).

Maybe it’s the fact that I lost interest in looking and acting ‘feminine’ a long time ago – partly because no-one could give me a definition of ‘feminine’ that I didn’t find both offensive and unbiblical. Hence, people both in and out of the church have been looking askance at me for years.

As a society, and as a church, we do tend to hold women back, teach them that they’re not as good, that they’re ‘different, that their brains are different, that they have duties and needs different from the other half of society, and that their bodies are the most important thing about them.

Yes, I do think it’s all crap. Now either I’m an example of why it’s all wrong, or I’m a man in a woman’s body. Jury’s still out, frankly, but I’m gunning for the first one. Because I don’t think I’m secretly a man. God forbid!

I do, however, think it’s bloody funny that people might find the idea of a crucified woman offensive because she’s taking the place of Jesus and therefore downgrading the position of Jesus. FFS, the whole point of the crucifixion was that it was a lowly, humiliating death.

Are women really that more lowly than thieves and murderers???

6 Responses

  1. It is very uncomfortable to look at. But I think that stems from the idea’s portrayed by the woman on the cross, suffering (emotional), submission (against her will), pain (physical).

  2. hmmmm I thought it was interesting. Many people put many different things on the cross, why not a woman?

  3. oh FFS indeed. Aren’t there greater things to be upset by? Thanks for posting it. I hadn’t seen it.

  4. Ok, I was in a different area today. I had to put in some time at RNSH, the hospital that was bitching about no religious icons, but they hadn’t been there for eight fucking months until the media found it this weekend….. the Holiest weekend. I find the woman on the cross very confronting. I find it highly fucking confronting… due to what we have had to bare. We are to blame. The patriarchy blamed us for what we are. That fucks up Christianity. Damn, not now. Sorry, bad time.

  5. I didn’t find it offensive but then again, it grows increasingly difficult to offend me.

  6. hrm i didnt find that picture offensive at all…maybe because i don’t believe in christianity.

    but in saying that the rest of your article is right in how we bring up women.

    I am going to try and not do that with my daughter hell i think ill use nomez as a role model.

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