Do You Ever Realise You Forgot to Dress?

Yesterday was not a good day as far as personal grooming went.

I dashed out of the house at about 7am, wanting to get to work at a decent time so that I could get through as many of the bugs (documentation issues, for the non-IT-inclined) as possible that I should have done last Thursday but was too brain-dead. That sentence? Indicative of the state of mind I was in. ‘Stressed’ puts it mildly. I hate when my physical condition kills my concentration and I can’t work properly (this job is mega-mind-intensive most of the time). Halfway to the train station, I realised I hadn’t combed my hair. Halfway to work, I realised I hadn’t put on deodorant. Everything just kinda sucked. I hadn’t even had coffee. On the bright side, I got a good amount of work done and my boss did NOT fire me.

This morning, I was on my way to work from the train station – combed, deodorised, perfumed, and looking as though I own a mirror. A woman came running down the footpath fastening her shirt… and she was only a couple of buttons in. Other than the only-just-decent long white shirt, she wore opaque black tights, a pair of boots, and… ummm… that looked to be it.

I’m so behind the eightball in fashion. I didn’t realise skirts were OUT. 😀


5 Responses

  1. I wear dresses down to my ankles and assumed they would provide some protection if I forgot the knickers. It happens, I’m a ditz. Then there was the windy day in Taylor Square. Lots of traffic, lots of wind and the dress ballooned over my head.


  2. What’s with Anja and the forgetting her knickers?


  3. Anja – LOL. Think of all the days you MADE.

    B – can’t say I blame her. We do go to a helluva lot of effort over something that’s really just a clit covering.

  4. LOL
    A friend of mine NEVER wears knickers and ALWAYS wears those long gypsy-type skirts and her 3 kids refuse to walk anywhere near her on windy days due to several mishaps like Anja’s 😉

  5. Nothing wrong with giving Fanny an airing.

    Shirt sounds like something out of the 80’s. Now there was some fashion.

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