Public Service Announcement



6 Responses

  1. **Peeks in**

    Hugs girlie.

    **Backs away carefully**

  2. That’s the way to do it.

    “Knit two, purl one
    You’re just lucky I don’t like guns.”

  3. oh dear, I am not sure I will ever feel safe sitting next to elderly knitting ladies on the bus again…. Thanks nomes 😛

  4. It’s the hard shove on the insertion for knit one, although “purl one” is rather apathetic, so stick to garter stitch (all knit) that way you can knit one savagely with every stitch and scare the begebus out of the silly woman sitting besdie you….

  5. ROFL 😉

  6. ROFL

    This is why I cross stitch – the needles are shorter.

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