How Much Do I Love Smashwords?

Continuing with the writing/ebook obsession…

A few months ago, I discovered Smashwords. It’s a site which allows anyone to upload an ebook, free of charge, then sell said ebook on the site – obviously, giving Smashwords a cut of the proceeds. But an interesting angle is that it’s also completely free to upload an ebook, then offer it free of charge. Or as ‘Pay what you want’ (although, again, Smashwords gets a cut of any proceeds), which is a feature I think is fantastic to have available.

Now, Smashwords doesn’t seem happy to rest on its laurels as an easy-to-use, well-featured site. They also run promotions almost constantly, and have just started up an affiliate scheme. That last promotion is another dash of genius – as the writer/publisher of an ebook, you can offer a cut of your proceeds to anyone who successfully promotes your ebook (ie, causes people to buy it). They link to it, people buy it, and everyone gets a bit of cash. Except the buyer, obviously, who gets an ebook instead 😉

So, given all the things I was impressed with, I decided to upload DEAD(ish) and give Smashwords a go. I’d already hit around 500 downloads on the PDF version, and I wanted to see if offering it free on the site would increase the ebook’s profile. I had to reformat it – remove the cover page, take out the ToC and remove page breaks – and save it as a .doc file. But the upload itself was simple, and it transfered to the various formats beautifully. I’m very impressed with the formatting bot – it does a simple job well. <— that may sound like faint praise, but in this day and age it's near miraculous!!

Link to DEAD(ish) on Smashwords

So, DEAD(ish) has been up on Smashwords for a week now, and their neat lil dashboard tells me that it’s been downloaded 42 times. I suspect my own marketing, and offshoots of it, have accounted for about 30 of those… meaning that Smashwords might well be helping me increase my writer profile 🙂 It’s certainly a bonus to have it available in a multitude of formats. So far, me = happy.


4 Responses

  1. Oooooooo I’ll have to have a thorough gander at Smashwords now.
    Well done, Nomes, a bloody good author becoming more widely known can only be a good thing 😉

  2. gotta check it out, thanks for being such a finder. what put me off most of these e-book deals is that they ask you to sign over the copyright to them… that doesnt seem fair & square. or am i being paranoid & possessive?

    • Nah, I think you’re just careful 🙂 Smashwords specifically states that you DON’T sign over copyright, except in the sense that copies of your ebook are sold through their site… you retain the right to give/sell it elsewhere.

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