Is Customer Service Hitting New Lows?

Check out this news article.

QANTAS leaves customers sitting in the airport overnight, then tells them to go home and book new flights.


And they wondered why they had to call the police to quell an incipient riot?

Then there’s Virgin Broadband – wholly owned, by the way, by Optus. Richard Branson, I liked you before you sold this company to the bastards and forever blackened the Virgin brandname.

I’ve always expected less bells and whistles when going with the cheap deals. But Virgin Broadband has taken ‘treating customers like steaming piles of shit’ to impressive new levels. Major problems with their product (eg. sub-dialup internet speeds on a ‘broadband’ network), 1- and 2-hour waits for voice calls to customer service, and a sad lack of transparency. Think it’s just me? Check out a whirlpool forums thread on the problems.

I realise that any time prices drop, something about the service or product needs to drop too. Only doofuses expect premium service and quality at bargain basement prices. But there are certain things you don’t do to your customers, and a few companies desperately need to take that to heart.


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  1. This could be aimed at Telstra too

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