Updates and Stuff

So, I haven’t exactly been sharing much here lately.

Frankly, I’ve been working far too much and relaxing far too little… my weekdays recently have consisted of:

– get up
– drink coffee
– go to work
– work
– go home
– grump at hubby
– go to bed

And then my weekends have been dedicated to recovering from work. *sigh*

So, now that the projects (yes, multiple projects, cos I’m so special I can work on two projects at a time and, apparently, keep an eye on general quality being produced by the whole team at the same time) have wound down, and there are just bits of bugginess to fix up and small imperfections to carefully ignore lest they drive me mad, and the next two projects haven’t started yet… I’m in *cough* relaxation mode. Or, more realistically, slightly sane life mode.

*deep breath*

Where was I?

Oh yeah, explaining that life will get back to somewhat normal soon, and I’ll be picking up the balls I dropped, like this blog, and my twitter accounts, and stuff. I’m taking my time because I don’t want to end up in a shredded ball of stressiness, but @onlinefiction and @openebooks will be back online soon. And look, I’m actually writing a blog post instead of just posting some ridiculous lolcat or ranting at various government departments!

Thanks for the patience, anyone who’s still reading.



4 Responses

  1. Still reading Nomes, ain’t going anywhere.

  2. Still here and glad to see that you are back 🙂

  3. Still reading and hoping you get some rest.

  4. still reading. Glad you are getting a little relax time 🙂

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