I finally did something worth reporting on!

Check this out:

OK, the cover’s a little manky, I’ll admit, but I don’t have the budget for a cover designer, sorry 🙂

But let’s focus on the important bit…

My first ebook’s out on the internetz!!!!




How to Get Free Publicity for Your Fiction

Step 1: Make your fiction available, free, online. This might be via a blog platform (like WordPress), or a dedicated online content management system (like Drupal), or a PDF/text file/HTML page uploaded to your own web site.

Step 2: Join Twitter.

Step 3: Follow @onlinefiction.

Step 4: Send me a Direct Message, or just mention my name in a standard tweet, eg:

Hey @onlinefiction – check out My Awesome Fiction at http://blahblah.com/link.pdf – thanks!

Easy peasy!

Easter Reading

Yeah, I know Easter’s over. But you shouldn’t miss this seasonal fiction just because I was too lazy to link to it earlier, dammit! So go grab a few easter eggs (whaddya mean, you’ve got none left?? Go buy some on sale, and get your arse back here!), sit down, and enjoy.

Neither of these is mine, btw. But I think you’ll appreciate the dark humour. 😀

Buck, by Neil Beynon

Dangerous Skies, by Gustavo Bondoni

Getting Help

… but not the sort of help most people think I need 😉

A few weeks ago, a writer approached me to ask if I’d consider publishing his work on Nomesque Fiction. I was a little taken aback, since the blog doesn’t strike me as being overly popular, and I’d never really thought about it. But I read the preview he sent me, and I liked it. Turns out we have some of the same influences (Kevin Smith in particular!)… which probably explains a lot.

Soooo… from today, I’m taking a bold step forward with Nomesque Fiction, and publishing someone else’s work too. Pop over later this afternoon – after 3pm – for the first instalment of what’s shaping up to be an intriguing serial about a chick named Seven, and – maybe – where the hell she came from.

Visit Nomesque Fiction

New Fiction

Nomesque Fiction has a couple of new Computer Blue stories:


They met again the next ‘morning’ – 8am by Zara’s new wristwatch. She’d also located the clothing store, and dressed herself in an outfit labeled ‘1960s retro’ – a red miniskirt and a bright, swirling, loose top which almost covered the teeny skirt.

“Wow!” Parlie said, circling her, “you didn’t waste any time, did you? Sure you need my help?”

Zara grabbed his arm, and thought a loud YES.

“Oh – kay, then, glad I asked!” Parlie said mournfully, and rubbed his arm. “Now – fun’s over girlie, we need to work!”

“Yay!” said Zara, and clapped.



“So what’s the deal with Barry?” asked Zara through a mouthful of chocolate sundae, “Ummm… I don’t get fat from eating this, right?”

Parlie snickered.

“No, you don’t get fat from eating,” he said, eyeing her ostentatiously, “but a bit more fat on those bones might be quite scenic…?”

Zara aimed a mock slap at him.

“Barry, on the other hand,” he said, sobering, “well… he’s been here for years, right? Almost as long as me. Some people say that bits of his personality got corrupted when he was transferred in here.”


Blog Promotions

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a little obsessed right now about writing, and alternative methods of delivery, and promotion of my fiction, and all sorts of other poncy stuff.

One thing I’ve done is to put a bit more of an effort into social networking.

“Oh FFS!” I hear you mutter. <– Frankly, that’s usually my response to the phrase ‘social networking’ when uttered by a blogger, too.

It’s not that bad. I’ve started a Writers/Readers group on Facebook, called Indie Fiction (you might need to log in to Facebook to look at it). I’ve decorated my MySpace profile and added a feed from my fiction blog. And I’ve started a MySpace blog which I’ll update occasionally with random raves about writing that might save Nomesque Life readers some pain and boredom. THEN, I started a page for Nomesque Fiction on Facebook. <– It doesn’t sound like much, but it allows people to become fans, and allows me to send them updates without making a pain of myself 🙂

I’m not sitting back waiting for the millions of eager readers to suddenly pour into my life, though. I don’t think these moves will reap huge benefits. But then, I’m not ready to become a celebrity just yet. A few more fans would be nice though 😉

There was a point to this post. Honest.

Ha! I remember it, too.

First – feel free to friend me on MySpace and/or Facebook. But if you friend me on Facebook, please tell me who you are (if it’s not bleeding obvious), or you’re likely to go on my ‘people I play FB games with who might take advantage if they have too much info about me’ list by default.

Second – a list of things I’ve done to promote my fiction blog without being rude or intrusive (I hope):

  • Published a feed on my Facebook profile
  • Configured that feed to publish short ‘news feed’ updates every time I publish a new story (this appears in friends’ Home pages)
  • Friended a LOT of people (although this wasn’t premeditated – they were friended as part of FB games I was playing)
  • Set up a ‘writers and readers’ Facebook group to help connect people who write independent/amateur fiction, and people who want to read it
  • Created a Facebook page for Nomesque Fiction
  • Set up a MySpace page
  • Published a feed on my profile
  • Started blogging on MySpace

I thought I’d list those steps for one main reason – so that others who’re interested in doing similar things can give me a yell and ask, “How the hell did you do that?” So if you’re puzzled but interested, do give me a yell and ask me. I don’t bite hard 😉

Modern Publishing and Promotion

I may not think of myself as a particularly good writer, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to promote Nomesque Fiction. Because… well, maybe it’s my sadistic side coming out… *snicker*

So I’ve been pondering, lately, ways to promote the site. I don’t want to be rabbiting on about it on this blog more than necessary – telling y’all about the miseries of a writer’s life (aka whingeing) is one thing, telling you about a new story is another thing… but blatant ‘read my fiction blog or you don’t love me!’ stuff just isn’t me. Besides, there aren’t THAT many people reading this blog 🙂

Brainstorming has given me a couple of ideas, but not necessarily the method for bringing them to fruition. I’m thinking that a parallel podcast or vodcast might be an interesting addition. Because let’s face it – not everyone reads for fun these days. I’d like to provide PDF downloads of completed storylines… but ummm… I don’t have any at the moment. They’re ALL still hangin’. Ooops. The character-blogging thing… didn’t really work. Blogging as a character is bloody hard. Something that I should keep doing now and then though, whether people read it or not. Because that’s a skill I really need to work on. Parallel graphic-novel? Great idea if I could draw. Bugger.

What do you think? If you were trying to interest more people in your fictional work, how would you go about it?