Just a Short Rant, I Promise!

I’m grumpy.

Not that I’m THAT keen to actually sell (as opposed to give away) DEAD(ish), since I honestly don’t think my writing’s at the stage where it’s worth paying for… but FFS, what’s with the American-centric attitudes in the companies out there? Amazon is US-authors-only. Scribd is free for anyone, but if you want to sell stuff? You guessed it, US-authors-only. Although to give Scribd credit, they’re only in beta.

This is really a whine, as opposed to anything vaguely useful. I’m proudly Aussie, my writing is proudly Aussie (although not lousy with kangaroos and koalas and “G’day mate”s), right down to the odd spelling and weird names for stuff. I don’t wanna be American. I’m sick of companies wanting to be ‘global’ and yet demanding I be American to get involved. Stick it up ya pipes!


2 Responses

  1. Whine, rant or whatever you want to call it – it’s a valid point. I was so freakin’ miffed when Kath and Kim had to be Americanised (and I refuse to use a ‘z’ which is a ‘zed’ not a ‘zee’) in Americanised.

    Do Americans not understand our humour? Heh, the Americans that visited my blog certainly understood my sense of humour.

    Be proudly Aussie, girl.

  2. Agree with Anja. Be Proudly Aussie. 🙂

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