Year’s End

In my life, every year seems to have a different theme. At least, every year since I could grasp the concept of a year having a theme. Sometimes it has been suffering, or joy, or learning patience…

This year’s theme seems to have been moderation. Moderation in effort, so that I could learn to balance out some of the energy lows I’ve suffered for years.

Moderation in relationships, because ever since getting married, I’ve been working on self-control in order to avoid making hubby’s life hell – all well and good, but I ended up stifling my real self with TOO much control.

Moderation in housework, to find a point at which the house might look messy, but would be clean enough to not spawn major outbreaks of gastro.

Moderation at work, so I don’t commit to too much and end up majorly stressed.

Moderation in blogging, carefully prioritising blogs and posts, and knowing when to let it all go, and when to rustle up a smidge of energy to write a 2-line post telling people I couldn’t be fagged writing a proper one. As an aside, a recent saviour in this area was a surprise request from Brian, asking if I’d like to post some fiction he’d written. This came just before a ridiculously busy time at work, and he saved me many guilt-pangs by providing great-quality stories for my readers every Friday without fail. Phew.

So, moderation. It’s been very useful. All lessons I desperately needed to learn. Regardless – I hate to sound whiny, but I’d like next year to be about fun and a bit of luxury. Cos I could do with it after these years of yawniness!!


More Narks Than Coppers

I was sitting on the train this morning, looking out the window and pondering why I write fiction, when I was distracted. A man stumbled down the aisle of the carriage, proclaiming, “Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!” I turned, and noticed that all down the carriage people had their wallets in their hands and open before they realised that he wasn’t, in fact, a ticket inspector. Ummm… duh! It’s the train journey. Numbs your brain. Anyway, he sat down near me and, when he’d caught my eye, explained –

“There’s more narks than coppers! More narks than coppers.”

Uh huh.

“Ho Ho Ho! Ugly Hos everywhere!”

Ummm… you better not be talking to me, pal! I look over – he’s staring into space. Who knows? Maybe he doesn’t like bright red hair.

Then he comes out with something I can definitely agree with –

(sung) “There’s a slowww traaaain coming,”
(spoken aside) “Translink. Fuckers”


A Lazy Christmas

I’m determined not to put too much pressure on myself this christmas. I’m really not sure how well this will go, but I’m trying.

Effort #1? Relax about gifts. And utilise online shopping. This HAS, sadly, meant that I’ve had to ditch my ebay grump and join the other millions of ebayers baying for various collectables. On the bright side, it’s made life easier. I shop from computer at home or work, postie delivers parcel, hubby wonders what the hell I bought him that comes in 4 different packages and is shaped like a pair of shoes. Ummm… shhh. Not just pressies available on ebay, ya know!

Uh – where was I?

Oh yeah – shopping. So far I’ve bought 2 CDs, 4 DVDs, a pair of shoes (doo dee doooo) and a couple of musical instruments on ebay. Then I branched out. Only Oz do some ridiculously well-priced gift hampers. I don’t know what mine will look like, since it’s a custom heap of cool-sounding stuff from their grocery site with a $4-odd wrap-and-send charge on top. Wanna see the list? 🙂

Sukin Organic Botanical Body Wash Pump Bottle 250mL
Natures First Essential Oil Soap 100g Sandalwood and Bergamot
Aussie Bush Bikkies Lemon Myrtle Bikkie 250g
Your Own Gift Selection – Gift Wrapped & Sent Anywhere!
Beerenberg Australian Mango Chutney 280g
Dakibomon Roast Boutique Organic Aribica Coffee Beans 250g
Beerenberg Bavarian Mustard 220g
Aunty Joan’s Gourmet Toffee Magic Mix 200g
Waterthins Flatbread Crackers Sunflower & Pumpkin 110g
Red Kellys Chocolate Sauce 245ml
Macadamia Skin Nourishment Cream 10g
Macadamia Soothe Lip Balm 5g
Bellata Gold Saffron Linguine 375g
Madura Earl Grey 40 Silk Tea Bags In Stylish Silver Tin
Fantastic Delites Sea Salt & Vinegar Sample Pack 20g


Including delivery 2000km away via AusPost, that’s costing me $87.83. Nice, eh? It’s a bit of a mish-mash of stuff, but I think the recipients will get a kick out of it – which is the whole point! And again, I don’t have to do a thing except order it online and pay for it via internet banking.

Ahhhhh… lazy christmas, here I comez! 😀

Musical Monday

Having punished you last Monday with my least favourite Christmas pop tunes, I thought I should make it up by sharing some of my favourites.

Now before I do, let me explain that I have a fascination with music+movement that far exceeds most people’s. I LOVE great choreography, hence Fifth Element is my all-time favourite movie (did that seem random? Nevermind).

First favourite – A vid I found years ago, and an effort which has been replicated around the world. But this is still my favourite. And it introduced me to a new love (no, not Achmed!) – Trans Siberian Orchestra. The backing music is their Wizards of Winter. Yes, yes, horrible waste of electricity. So is lighting up the casino. Whatever.

Christmas Lights in Ohio

Now these guys aren’t strictly Christmasy, but I always associate them with Christmas anyway, because they used to play in the Queen St Mall here in Brissy at Christmas – before they got famous. They had me watching with mouth hanging open in awe every single time – I mean, playing the viola while doing somersaults? And no, they’re not just miming. ‘Cos one night the guitar bit suddenly stopped dead – the guitarist was dumped on his head a little too hard 😀

Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra

You know, I can’t find any other favourites on YouTube. So I hope you enjoyed the above, just a little bit 😉

How To: Quote Someone in WordPress Comments

You know how some blog posts spawn comment-conversations that go on forever? Ever needed to quote part of someone else’s comment so that your reply makes sense, and been stuck on how to do it gracefully?

On WordPress blogs, this is quite easy – and it might work on Blogger blogs too. No promises, though.

So, you read this comment on your fave blog:

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told I’m an idiot, I’d have… ummm… I dunno

… and you can’t help wanting to respond.

Type this into the comments section:

<blockquote>If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told I’m an idiot, I’d have… ummm… I dunno</blockquote>

… and then type your response.

It should come out looking like this:

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told I’m an idiot, I’d have… ummm… I dunno

Have another dollar! Idiot.

Don’t that look purty?

Publishing Renaissance

I found a new blog a couple of days ago, thanks to Cliff Burns. It’s called Publishing Renaissance, and it’s a group blog by indie writers, about indie writing. Well worth subscribing, if the subject matter interests you!


Thanks Vyvyan. Couldn’t have said it better myself.