About Naomi

Age: 30-ish

Gender: Female (and married)

Nationality: Australian

Occupation: Writer

Paid Occupation: Writer of boring stuff

Hobbies: Childrearing and kickboxing (usually not at the same time)

Loves: Books of all types

Hates: Toilet paper dispensers that give me one tiny sheet at a time

Shoes: Sensible

Hair: Not very sensible at all

Attitude: Friendly but threatening

Habits: Blog-collecting and coffee

Blogs: Nomesque Fiction, Nomesque Life


7 Responses

  1. I’ve put you on my blogroll!

  2. […] Read more about this topic from the author here. […]

  3. Your habits sound like mine! I thought I should come check you out more. Loved your hobbies comment.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Kathie 🙂 Yup, blogging and coffee, what else does one need? 😛

  5. That’s my girl!!!!!!
    Love from Dad

  6. Interesting….
    playing you at scrabble and got nosy. From what I’m reading I think you are my kind of person. But why do your submissions end in October?

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