And Now For Something Completely Different…

More whingeing 😀

I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my neck and it hurts, dammit. Nurofen will hopefully get off its butt and kick in soon.

While we wait, check out Suicide Blue, my latest piece of fiction. It has absolutely nothing to do with any of my other stories – just a random idea that popped into my head the other day and insisted on being written down. Hmph.


Edge of Reason

Ever noticed that the more tired and/or hungry you are, the less capacity you have for truly rational thought? Scary, isn’t it? Our bodies are pretty damn amazing, but put enough stress on them and they have to economise. And I guess the body assumes physical danger, and really… rational thought probably isn’t that useful when being pursued by something big and nasty. So we revert to a more basic level – we attack anything that causes us any sort of pain or irritation.

Oh yeah, in case you didn’t guess, I’m feeling a little sleep-deprived. Mildly ill (chucky) baby. Blah.

Old and Grumpy?

It’s a chick’s worst nightmare.

No, not looking in the mirror and realising that black hairs have started sprouting on your chin – although that sucks too.

It’s waking up and realising that you’ve turned into a Grumpy Old Woman.


My moment of realisation?

I got to work, started to make myself a cup of coffee, and found that the cleaner in charge of doing the dishes had put the BIG spoons in the TEASPOONS section of the cutlery drawer. I growled and told myself it wasn’t exactly difficult, dammit!!! Then I froze.

I’m a grumpy old woman.

With hairs on my chinny chin chin.

Brisbane and Sydney: A Quick Comparison

Evil Rainbow Sugar Addict Thieves

I’ve never seen rainbow lorikeets act like this in Brisbane. They flew down, perched on my table, warned me not to interfere, then nicked my sugar. And ate it. Right in front of me. Then tried to nick another, threatening me with a quiet disembowelling from the Possum Mafia. Anyone you know, Jayne?

Potato Scallops

Everywhere in Sydney. Proper potato scallops (potato cakes to Victorians)! Not the weird floury potato-ish things common in Brissie. Actually hot, not warm, cardboardy and flaccid. Heaven.


It’s rare to find good chips in Brissie. Why? Too many health-conscious types? Too much moisture in the air? Too hot for chips?


… turns into scales. Damn dry air.


Coming back from holidays can be a drag.

Coming back from holidays can really suck, though, when you come back to one week’s solid work before a day off.

Bluck. What the hell POSSESSED me to do that??

Ah well.

On the bright side… I finally got around to writing another story. One month after the last one. Ick. So if you’re interested in reading something other than whingeing, wander over to Nomesque Fiction and read Gangsta Wrap. If nothing else, it might make your day seem a little better by comparison. 🙂

On Holidays

I’ve been in Sydney for the last few days.


There’s a shop near where we’re staying that causes me to wish I didn’t have to go home. Organic stuff of all sorts… but more importantly, new vegetarian products and vegan ice-cream. DROOOOOOL. Yes, Brisbane has Sanitarium stuff… but this stuff looked yummy.

I made a special, baby-free pilgrimage to Circular Quay. Ahhh… memories, and wonderful scenery. Something about Sydney Harbour just gets me every time. Then I wandered over to The Rocks and got attacked by rainbow lorikeets. More on all of that later 😉

I’m off to bathe a baby.

Lolcats at the Ekka

Part 2 of my attempt to make lolcats relevant to world events… or at least local ones 😉

(for non-Queenslanders – the Ekka is Brissie’s big agricultural and fun show, it’s on at the moment)

Never let your cat explain the Ekka to your show cattle: