One of these days, I’m gonna get me some energy.

‘Til then, guess I’ll just yawn and whinge a bit more 😉


Best Put-Down Ever

Anyone who’s been on the internet for a while knows that there are sad, lonely, pathetic people who spend their precious time seeking ways to abuse, hurt and irritate complete strangers. They’re known as ‘trolls’ – people whose contributions to others are wholly negative and who thrive on arguments and abuse.

But I know a secret.

Want to know how to kill a troll?

Laugh at him or her.

It’s like saying “I don’t believe in fairies” in front of Tinkerbell. They may fight back, but only weakly, then they shrivel up and die. Because a troll gets a sense of self-importance from being nasty and abusive, and goading people to react to them. But self-importance withers in the face of laughter, and as the ego shrinks, the poor troll starts to realise that they’re a ridiculous idiot – and they flee. Mostly.

Anyhow, I just wandered over to Magneto Bold Too. Lo and behold, I found the funniest troll put-down I’ve seen in a long time. Check it out –

Open Letter to ‘Concerned’

The Party’s Over

We wandered off to Sydney on the weekend.

May I just say – travelling with a toddler? Dear God. Although the trip down was the worst. Public transport to (far-ish away) airport and waiting around for an hour or more once checked in meant that Bubba Boy was just a little grouchy once we got on the plane. Thank God for gluten-free lollipops 😀

Then we dumped Bubba Boy on his grandparents for a day, and wandered off to a wedding. Absolutely gorgeous, and lovely to see a friend who’s been looking for decades finally find his Ms Right. Reception? Not enough seats, that was my only beef 😉 Otherwise great fun, and enjoyable-but-weird to catch up with a number of people I met 10-15 years ago and haven’t seen for about that long.

The next day… I crashed. Woke up when hubby brought me coffee so I’d be up and dressed in time for church. Rolled over and went back to sleep. Eventually managed to get up, grab some brekky… and head back to bed. Slept til 5pm. Yup, 5pm. Sigh. It’s not as though I had a late night, we were back and in bed by 9:30pm. Obviously I have a bit more negotiation to do with this whole heart condition thing. Bah humbug.

Today – trying to stay awake is the top priority! 😀

Not All Here

I’ve been mentally busy lately.

You know, the sort of busy where your body may or may not be doing much, but your mind is whirling along on 15 different tracks, constantly?

It’s all good, in a sense. We’re going to a wedding this weekend, I’ve got a new manager at work, things are looking quite happy-making – but I’ve been planning, and thinking, and trying to fit in with the new management/planning/development structure at work… while doing a type of work which I’ve never really done before, but wanted to get into.

The point is, while I have no complaints, I haven’t been putting much thought into blogging or effort into visiting and commenting on others’ blogs. So if you’ve missed me – my apologies. If you haven’t – you bastard! 😀

MWAH. Take care, my lovelies.


Trains provide a great opportunity to people-watch, and to be watched. And to interact with your fellow public transportees. Especially on the train to Ipswich, where the people and the opportunities are even more varied. Sometimes not in a good way.

This afternoon, I sat down and feasted my eyes on a gorgeous dark-skinned woman. I was looking at her hair (braided), her books (indigenous studies?) and wondering about her genetic heritage. Part African, part indigenous, I guessed. Then she looked straight at me, and I smiled – safer than the oh-crap-I-got-caught-staring eye-flick.* Then I looked away, a little embarrassed that I’d been caught.

I leant back and closed my eyes.

Not so much because I thought sleeping on the train was a smart move, but because I was facing the aisle and the guy sitting opposite me was in the classic male ‘crotch display’ sprawl, with the occasional cupping for emphasis. I wasn’t keen on getting an accidental eyeful of his (probably stuffed) package. It didn’t help that I found him extremely unattractive. But I also found him a little unnerving (crotch notwithstanding). I puzzled over this for a while. Why on earth would I think ‘menacing’ and ‘creepy’ within a minute of seeing him? Then I clicked. Unlike my conscious mind, my subconscious tends to work. He was wearing gold shoes. With velcro. Eurgh. Truly scary. When he got off, I checked that he’d taken his plastic bag with him. He looked that menacing.

* Almost always, anyhow. Sometimes it can be somewhat dangerous. Like the time I was sitting on a train (again), looking at this stunningly gorgeous female. She had a clear complexion, heart-shaped face, green eyes and beautifully-dyed red hair with blonde undertones, arranged perfectly. I was thinking that a male friend of mine would howl at the moon with one look at her. She was JUST his type. She must’ve noticed me looking, because she gave me her phone number and an “I’d like to get to know you” when she got off. I honestly hope she wasn’t distraught that I never called her. I didn’t think, “I was scoping you out for a mate of mine” would really cut it. 😦


If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, chances are that you’ve noticed I like to write fiction. 😉 OK, ‘like’ is maybe a bit of an understatement… for the last year or so it’s been more like a constant obsession. Probably fueled by an incapacity to do much else!

My post title is ‘Wowsers’ because the relatively quiet launch of Fiction Blogger (a blog written by one of my fictional characters) has generated a surprisingly high number of visits to both it and Nomesque Fiction. Thanks mostly, I must say, to the lovely Jayne, who has been a consistent supporter of Nomesque Fiction and was tickled pink to discover Sally’s blog 😀

I’m stoked at the number of visitors (and at least 2 subscribed!!) because I’m consistently unsure and critical of my fiction work. I write it because I enjoy writing fun stuff, and I publish it because it seems to keep the creative flow going to know someone’s reading it – but I’m all too aware of my lack of writing expertise at times. So it’s nice to see that at least a few people are finding it readable and enjoyable. W0000000000oooo000t!

Oh, btw – Musical Mondays are undergoing some technical problems atm. Namely, the fact that Virgin Broadband is a pile of shit, and I’m STILL restricted to dialup-ish speeds not because I overused the internet, but because their product sucks.

Blah Humbug

Today is dedicated to comforting a sick Bubba Boy and entertaining a technophiliac Bogan Boy with violent card games. Because I’m such a GOOD mother.


Yesterday, after plonking Bubba Boy in bed and Bogan Boy in front of Civ4 (computer game), I sat down to type out a single sentence which had been bothering me all morning. A few minutes later, a story had emerged. It’s about a bloke named Pete, a gal named Wendy, and a drug dealing gang known as the Damn Yankees. Not really my usual material, eh? So if it sounds interesting, wander over to Nomesque Fiction to read Wendy. It’s Part 1 of what could be a lonnnnnng series. You know what I’m like.

Edited to Add: But wait, there’s more!

Early this morning (don’t ask – just don’t ask) I did something a little unusual. No, not that, you filthy-minded pervert! If you’re a Sally & Lana fan, head over to Fiction Blogger and check out what Sally has to say about this whole mess.