Target Wants Women to Feel Fat, Dammit!

I just got this from Target:



Holy crap, those are some of the most hideous clothes I’ve seen in decades. The best of the bunch looks like a cut-down muu-muu.

I must admit, though, that Target’s decision to add horizontal stripes and floppy bits to plus-size clothing is inspired!

By Satan.

Let’s not even get into the blue eyeshadow and circles-of-blush cheeks.

Clearly, Target’s new range is all about encouraging women to lose weight fast so they can fit into clothes that DON’T scare small children.


4 Responses

  1. OMG. Those are hideous.

    I think I will stick to my fav. jeans and t-shirts with stupid messages on them.

  2. So true! Nothing in that advertising makes me want to go shopping at Target…. Ever again 🙂

  3. I’ve clicked over to the website to see the full range and I’ll guarantee that not all the clothes on that website will be available at our store so even the stuff that’s half decent won’t find it’s way into my wardrobe……… and people wonder why i shop out of town. Sigh.

  4. Hey Nomes,

    have you contacted Target to confirm this is thier catalogue… from the seductive look on the girls face it could be a catalogue from a dating agency?? Maybe just a mistake……

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