Pet Word Hate of the Day


No, really, I hate the word ‘indeed’. Every time I hit it in a book, I shudder.

WHY? you ask.

Oh, come on, now you want solid, logical reasoning? *snort* Well, you won’t get it here.

Every time I see the word ‘indeed’, I hear it too, in a male, very snobby, English drawl. Somehow, I associate it with the stereotype of a sexist, classist, racist, Eton-and-Cambridge-educated utter bastard. And ancient English literature which bored me to tears. So I sniff in disgust, and usually restrain the urge to throw the book across the room, but only just.

A slightly more logical reason for disliking ‘indeed’ is that it’s almost always extraneous in narration. It’s entirely possible that someone, somewhere, has used ‘indeed’ to great effect in their narrative – but I’ve never read whatever book it’s in.

So there you go. You’ll never use the word again, right? 😀

PS. Yes, I know I’ve been quiet far too long. The short explanation is – “my internetz is dead, dude”. The longer explanation is that I’m struggling to balance paid work, parenting, heart problems, marriage and fiction writing, and I haven’t had energy left over for talking about it, especially since I do all internet-related stuff at work and need to be careful to not neglect what I’m getting paid to do. I know it’s a pain in the rear, and hopefully I’ll be hooked up and ranting regularly again soon! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say that I’ve missed you!

  2. Celtic Lad went through a phase where he used ‘indeed’ as a response to any explanation you gave him. His latest is using superlatives. i.e. It’s not just good, it’s GREAT !!!!

  3. Indeed, indeed can be annoying 😛

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