The Experiment

I’ve come up with two plans to see if I can ditch some of this over-tiredness crap.

First, spend a lot of today lying down and resting.

Second, make an appointment to see the dentist and get a wisdom tooth pulled out. It’s possible that a dodgy tooth is causing the tiredness.

Third, if all else fails, consider going back to the doctor and demanding help on this. Because I’ve had it.

If you’re in the mood for (more) whingeing, pop over to Sally’s blog – the poor hard-done-by fictional wench is feeling melancholy.


5 Responses

  1. Definitely get to a doctor if all else fails.
    Look after yourself.

  2. hugs

    Hope something works soon.

    I know how frustrating the tired can be.

  3. Sweet one, tiredness sucks sweaty plumber’s crack. 😦

    Take care and don’t leave it too long to have the fatigue checked out.

  4. Yep, tired of being tired. I hear you.

    Hope things perk up for you and you work out what it is you need.

  5. Thanks lovelies *hugs*

    I suspect that what I really need is a new heart -> lung connection – one of mine is missing. Has been for decades, though. But I’ll try everything else first. The other day I got tired washing my hair, dammit!!

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