Fiction Blog Review: The Curly Situation

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to find and read some good online fiction and fiction blogs. I succeeded in finding a few, so I figured I’d write reviews on the best and give you all a chance to enjoy them too!

The Curly Situation

I stumbled over this blog thanks to BlogCatalog.

Serial mystery fiction about an Aussie cricketer named Curly Gibson. Hmmmm. I’ve gotta admit, I was sceptical. I’m Aussie, yes, but I’m not a cricket fan. It tends to cause big yawns and cravings for chocolate.

But, because I’m trying to increase the number of fiction blogs I subscribe to and read, I decided to give it a go. I’m very glad I did. The writing is fairly simple – sorry to the folks that love paragraph after paragraph of vivid descriptive prose, but I usually skim over that stuff, it feels like cricket – with some incredibly funny description. Like this:

For months my domestic situation had been an express elevator waving a white hanky as it plummeted past rock bottom down to the seventh level of hell. The eye-catching but acerbic Karen and I were leading largely separate lives under the same roof, our genitals passing like ships in the night, so her latest bout of shrieking and its promise of serious confrontation had germinated a small kernel of hope within me.

This is the sort of stuff that causes me to snicker and really enjoy my reading. Especially when the storyline is easy to follow and yet not too simplistic. And it’s just gotten really interesting.

Negatives? The theme sometimes has a bit of a heart attack – the author adding a new plug-in or whatever – and looks dodgy. That said, the feed comes through to my reader looking good, and that’s all I really care about.

The feed is published in full (thank you!) and story chapters are clearly differentiated from author commentary.

Four thumbs up.


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