The Other Crocs

Just for Scott:

Saltwater Crocodile

funny pictures

Freshwater Crocodile

funny pictures

(moar funny pictures)


3 Responses

  1. took me a minute to figure out what ‘worta’ was

    Lol speak is not always a good thing!! lol

  2. I notice you’renot volunteering to get up close and personal to point out the differences between salties and freshies, Nomes? 😛

  3. B – LOL. happens to me a lot with lolspik.

    Jayne – anyone can tell everything that I know from the photos… 😀 Except that freshwater crocs are scared of water. As far as I know, that’s a complete fabrication 😉 And for that matter, I’m fairly sure salties don’t wear gumboots. But probably only because they haven’t thought of it yet.

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